The Magpul AFG2 – A Review by

Magpul Industries has continuously been an engineering leader in the tactical domain.  The engineers and designers at Magpul have manufactured numerous game-changing designs that lead to a widespread change in the industry. The Angled Fore Grip  (AFG) is just one of these designs.
The Magpul AFG offers the tactical shooter with a innovative hand placement system which takes into account the biomechanics of the shooter’s body as well as the physics of the a firearm. The Angled Force Grip (AFG) lets to the shooter place their hand extremely high in relation to the centerline of the bore.  So why may this be important?  Because your hand is in this high of a location it allows the shooter superior control over the firearm, increasing the shooter’s tactical effectiveness.  Basically, this heightened hand position will permit the shooter to better command muzzle rise, while avoiding muzzle sway.  This is the primary feature that sets the AFG apart from supplementary vertical fore-grips.  The Angled Fore Grip (AFG) is also superior to a typical grip on the hand-guard.  Say you are shooting an AR-15, without an, your wrist is strained to full ulnar deviation. The position is not ideal because it is exceedingly taxing on the forearm, which could lead to combat effectiveness and decreased precision. Because the AFG does not allow your wrist to be forced into this extreme position, it increases prolonged accuracy and increased combat effectiveness.
Magpul has just begun shipping the Magpul AFG2 (MAG414).  There are numerous advantages of the AFG2 over the original AFG.  The AFG2 possesses a more modernized profile.  This decrease in profile expands the available rail space so that other tactical accessories may be mounted to your rail system. 
In summary, the AFG2 is an exceptional creation that will unquestionably be a staple in the kit of any serious tactical operator.
The following colors are available for the AFG2
Black (MAG414-BLK)
OD Green (MAG414-ODG)
Flat Dark Earth (MAG414-FDE)
Foliage Green (MAG414-FOL)